Electronic Kitchen Scales

Welcome to Beginnings Guides. Chefs need to make the perfect start to their dishes. And it begins with using the correct weights and measures. Buy digital Kitchen scales and never get a measurement wrong again. Pick from a large range for a discount price. Buy Electronic food scales and know just what is really in your food.

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Buying Guide For Electronic Kitchen Scales

Ozeri ZK011 Precision Pro Stainless-Steel Digital Kitchen ScaleThe number of options for electronic kitchen scales can be rather overwhelming. Our aim here is to offer only the best quality and the best brands, picking only scales that have extremely positive customer reviews and that are shown to perform with no problems. This buyers guide will give you some pointers on what we recommend, what is the best value, and will also provide information on  both the cheapest and highlighted electronic kitchen scales reviews and what to look for before you buy. We also recommend Cuisinart pressure cookers or All American pressure canners for fast and healthy eating, and Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Cookware sets for getting the most out of the food you have so carefully weighed out.

Precision Electronic Kitchen Scales

Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen ScaleAlthough all models are going to offer rather precise  measurements and weights, even very discount models such as the EatSmart precision pro kitchen scale and the Ozeri pro digital kitchen scale, we may find that if we want extremely accurate measurements then we need to pick something of slightly higher quality. This is not to say the above models are not accurate, they are, and are suitable for most home weighing needs.

But if you wish to have the best possible accuracy then it may well be worth looking at the Ozeri touch ii. This is a touch sensitive kitchen scale with a nice large LCD display that is very accurate and is one of the best looking options too.


Depending on what you want to pay design is an important element. The above mentioned scale, the Ozeri touch II is about as sleek and designer looking a kitchen scale as you could hope to find. Just ensure that before you buy you do take looks in to consideration. As mentioned nearly all of our top picks are accurate enough for the home Chef, but looks can be miles apart.

If you are short of space, and will in all likelihood leave the scales out on the counter or shelf in plain view then take a look at our options and pick something that its going to be pleasing to the eye. You will be amazed at the small difference in price for something that looks amazing.

Digital Kitchen Scales Price

As always it often does come down to price. Budget digital kitchen scale prices are currently very low. The Ozeri precision pro digital kitchen scale is one such example. Along with the Oxo good grips food scale.

If you want to buy cheap digital kitchen scales then either are great options. Buy digital kitchen scales on a budget but still get something that performs very well and will last for years. We only have the best quality here but at some very low prices.

Nutrition Scales

EatSmart Digital Nutrition ScaleYou may wish to consider nutrition scales. The EatSmart digital nutrition scale is the best there is, and at a very affordable price. You will find that with nutrition scales as well as weighing and measuring in the usual way they also offer the option to automatically tell you the number of calories in the weighed produce as well as many other factors too.

Electronic nutrition scales for sale will allow you to quickly read off many details, from sodium, fat, carb and fiber content to Vitamin K and more, they are invaluable. You can even get the calories for a cup of rice before you cook in your best Japanese rice cooker.

For the difference in the price of standard electronic scales for the kitchen that you can buy this is certainly worthy of your consideration. Buying should be seen as a one off investment so ensuring that you get items that will fulfill all of your needs is very important. We will find that for anyone who wishes to count calories or who wishes to keep control over their dietary ratios then nutrition scales are certainly a very good option.

Hopefully this guide will allow you to make a slightly more informed decision. Browse the various products mentioned and we are sure that yo will make the right decision. Be that based on function, price, design or long term needs. One thing is for certain you will be able to buy electronic kitchen scales best price online.


Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition ScaleThe Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is one of a very few nutritional scales that we recommend. The other being the EatSmart digital nutrition scale. To some degree you do get what you pay for, although even some much more expensive models leave quite a lot to be desired. So, what makes the Kitrics nutrition scale one of our favored options?

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The fact that it is both very affordable yet computes very accurately in a number of really rather ingenious ways.

This is a nutritional scale that allows you to calculate daily calore intake easily, measure the amount of calories in individual foods, as well as so much more, as we shall now see.

Kitrics Nutrition Scale Features

Before we look at it a little more closely, here is why this is one of out top picks for nutritional scales:

  • Very cheap price
  • Has in-built details of 1999 foods
  • Easily calculate your daily nutritional intake
  • Measure fats, carbs, proteins etc from all manner of foods
  • Simple to use

These type of complex scales can be relatively hard to get to grips with. But the Kitrics digital food scale is simplicity itself to use.

How To Use

The beauty of this system is ingenious. You simply punch in a code for the food you wish to get the information on. Then place it on the scales. It will then give you a read-out of calories for the weight, as well as the nutritional information as well. It means you can keep perfect track of the values you are ingesting each and every day. Plus it can keep a running daily tally so you know exactly what you have consumed and in what ratios

Perfect For The Dieter

Anyone wishing to diet or keep exact records of their daily intake will find this about the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen.

Easy To Customize

As well as the vast database you can also add in 99 custom foods with all their information if they are not already there, this is a great extra touch and certainly adds to the convenience.

Documentation is supplied with the scale, so it is very easy to get to grips with just how the Kitrics nutritional scale actually works too.

For only a few dollars more than your average kitchen scale this really does come highly recommended. In fact if you are looking to buy any other option it is worth considering buying a nutritional scale from the get-go. Not only do they perform all the usual weighing and measuring options that normal scales do, but the extra information is there if you may need it one day.

You can buy from either the Kitrics website or via our link at the top of the page. Our recommended supplier is much cheaper, but we do like to give the option.